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 Family, love, and not so love, Family members/ex turned enemy needed
 Posted: May 6 2015, 08:55 PM
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louis dubois

This is Louis, Alexandre's younger brother by a year. The two were very close as kids and still are today as adults. He is in charge of his family's vineyard back in Paris until they retire or die. Since Alexandre is in New York, Louis is the heir to the estate and of course the business. His father told him that perhaps they can do a wine business in New York and he should be in charge of it. He liked the idea and so he has a store where they sell the wine from the vineyard in there. Alex had no clue his brother is here but when he finds out he'd be surprised at first but glad.

He's basically like Alex if not a bit worse when it comes to the temper. Unlike Alex, he is either straight or gay so you can pick which one of those since he is the one out of the two that doesn't really choose between men or women LOL and yep he didn't mind his brother being bisexual. In fact he was the first one he came out to and he supports his big bro every step of the way. The borough is either Brooklyn or Manhattan-your choice!

Adam Gregory is his face, and I don't know if I'll change the face. LOL hope you're okay with that. He is 35 and he could be either involved with someone, or engaged, or already married or single its up to you. His middle name is also up to you too and he speaks both English and French.

38, open name (must be French)

Well I didn't really put him in the bio LOL but I thought it'd be cool if Alex had a cousin from his father's side of the family so let's call him Steve (you get to pick the first, middle, and last name, I decided to call him by the face's name in replace of the name since its open). He adores his two cousins and is considered like a bodyguard most likely. His job is a bouncer actually at Alexandre's bar. He moved to NYC just a month after Alexandre did and is keeping an eye on Gaspard to make sure he doesn't do anything. Out of all three, he was the only one who knew Gaspard moved to Miami and is planning to tell Alex about it. He knows Alex would freak! Poor guy.

He can be straight, gay, bi, excetera but one thing for sure-no incest cause he isn't a fan of that and neither is Alexandre or Louis. LOL but he could have a thing for guys or girls though. I don't know about teenagers. Anyway his history is up to you and you can even pick where in France he was born in. Help Alex out of getting his cousin/bouncer!

gaspard --- ---

And now the loser. LOL this is Gaspard. You get to pick his middle and last name. Heck you can even pick why he's like the way he is. He is a well bred man from a well bred family, a pedigree who is so spoiled he'd probably make Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton both cry. LOL he met our beloved Alex years ago and charmed the crap out of him like how he would with anyone else. At first their relationship was okay. It was passionate, sweet, and also he was Alexandre's first boyfriend. However he only went with Alexandre so that he can get his hands on the fortune of the Dubois wine vineyard. Luckily he was caught and was tossed in jail.

Unluckily, he threatened Alex and his family and even was responsible for poor Alex to leave for the States. Somehow he left jail. Its up to you how or why but yes he's in NYC. He's not a final since 1. Alex wouldn't want to go back with him. 2. he's not that stupid to do so and 3. Gaspard lost his chance. However he would be here to irk Alex and probably get him back. Would he succeed? Nope but it doesn't mean he won't try. More about him is in Alex's information about him on the profile. Help me get the guy of Alex's nightmares! His face is Jonathan Rhys Meyers.

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