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 Posted: Sep 29 2014, 05:18 PM
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hell hath no fury like an admin scorned.. but feel free to pm me about anything!

In the borough that's filled with tormented artists and athletes, those who fit together find each other. So too did this group of friends, who have come to NYC at different moments in time, yet still managed to form the tight group they are. Whether they spur each other on to become better at their own respective arts or bring each other down into the spiral of torment is yet to be debated, but the truth remains that they are their own family, and always there for each other.
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27 | open | penn badgley

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28 | open | richard madden

thea ainsley

23 | taken | gillian zinser

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25 | open | zoe kravitz


James is the one with the mood swings, the guy who likes to roll with the punches and has pretty much accepted his fate in being stuck in the dumps of Brooklyn. He’s just a lowly substitute who barely scrapes by when it’s time to pay rent, after living in New York with no money all of his life he’s grown accustomed to waking up with no lights on, or going to one of his friends to take some semblance of a shower because he hasn’t been able to pay to get his fixed. James thinks Maguire’s definitely got a shot of getting out of their little Skid Row and doesn’t really understand why he does it but James does enjoy the man’s loudness whenever he doesn’t have the camera in his face.

James can be rather distant at times and the next be the cuddliest monster of them all. His emotions are constantly on a swirl of highs and lows and each of his friends seems to balance him out in the end. Unlike them he has no real home unit having grown up in an orphanage where he was released as an adult at the age of eighteen. He lived on the streets for two years before he met Maguire and he’s been with him ever since, not really questioning but going with it anyways. Seeing things for what they really are and acting without knowledge of the rise or downfall. He just needs to realize that trusting and relying on people isn’t a bad thing, a rather stupid man for someone who's very intuitive.


Although it was never officially said, Maguire was the one who started their little group of rejects. Starting up with a video about unusual lives of the poorer section of life, he came across three other persons who lived the same life he did and agreed to help him out and let him videotape their lives. While Maguire spends most of his time behind the camera, he is always loud and present whenever he is not filming. Some say he hides his pain and feelings behind his eccentric behaviour, claiming that his parents did hug him enough when he was younger.

While Maguire started off being immediately drawn to Curtis and her artsy, sassy behaviour, even modelling for her a few times when it came to sculptures or paintings, he recently found himself getting more and more interested in the wits and woes of Crowe, the darker, more sinister part of their little group of friends. Yet the question remains whether one of them (or worst case scenario both of them) actually like him back, and until then he will keep his mouth shut and not think about it, just continuing on to film.


Curtis is that one person who wants to learn how to do everything. The way people in the Renaissance chased after the concept of polymath, so Curtis wants to know every form of art. Writing, dancing, acting, music and painting, she is always busy doing one of them, but art is her primary discipline and the thing she truly excels at. She is an excited ball of energy who can't stop making snarky and sassy remarks about anything any of her friends say. Having lived in New York for all her life, Curtis knows how to deal with the business of the city, mainly since she used to live on the streets. Her parents are a non-talking matter, and neither is her past, because Curtis likes to focus on the present, and have a hell of a good time.

And a good time she has, with literally about anyone. Unusual and unorthodox, Curtis is pansexual and her heart does not like to be contained to one person, so she keeps flitting around with mindless hookups and what else and she's having the time of her life. Now in her mind things would be perfect if only she could sleep with all her friends, even at the same time, but she's sure especially James is not ready for such unorthodoxy. Now if only she knew how to keep her hands of the stuff that makes you hallucinate, everything would be perfect.


Crowe is the darker side of the four man troupe, preferring to keep her thoughts to herself unless she was asked but even then she doesn’t always comply. She never thought she’d end up where she is today as a high class escort, this was never in her book of cards until she came to New York. Before all this her life was dancing, the way she twirled and twisted with the music, the level of raw talent was amazing. She prided herself on this of course. Crowe tangoed and teased the best of the best, slowly climbing that ladder of social ranks, gaining notice from only the best dance companies. She was quick witted and excited, making the best of being a lone in a big city at a young age. To compensate Crowe made friends with people who she thought would always have her back but in reality that wasn’t the case because when she fell from the top of her ladder she fell hard.

Crowe hasn’t exactly given up on life no, she still has big dreams, she’s just convinced she won’t actually be able to achieve them anymore. Because once you’re hooked on drugs it’s a slippery slope when trying to get back. She’s way too prideful to let anyone help her but upon moving to Brooklyn Crowe found a safe haven in the ever present air of happiness and excitement with Curtis and a cat and mouse with Maguire that she’s not sure if she wants to really pursue. James is the one she shares a similar thinking process with and can usually be found hanging quietly around him.

the bronx
The Bronx is the home to many artists and film makers, including the well-known Buckley family. Daddy Buckley is a renowned movie director who lives in Manhattan together with his wife and daughters, but who felt like his sons were supposed to learn how to make it on their own. And thus he dropped them in the Bronx in order for them to make a name for themselves, and to see how well they'd do in the film business. The brothers are each very different and don't always get along, which is to expect with the huge rivalry that came with the plan of their father. Add in a young, beautiful girl and BOOM! There is your explosion.
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30 | open | ian somerhalder

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27 | open | colin o'donoghue

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21 | open | logan lerman

ruby marie

24 | taken | nina dobrev


The oldest Buckley son is immediately also the most serious of the three. He is a visionary, a movie director, and the one who is most like their father and follows his footsteps like it is a map on how to lead life. When this son was younger, he was a rebel, the one who bought a motorcycle and stayed out with girls all night long simply to show his father he would never become like him. But within five years of time, this Buckley has become an exact replica of the man he never wanted to be, strict and snarky, someone who only has sarcastic remarks to give and finds it hard to say anything nice at all. Ambitious, yes, but with the cost of losing your entire social life and always working.

Enter Miss Gallagher into this scenario. Gallagher is the woman who gives him an edge, who shows him that he can still live his life even though his worst fear has come true. She gives him danger and adventure, which he enjoys very much, but at the same time she is not very good for business, which is something that makes this Buckley son doubt whether or not he should actually be with her.


Middle Buckley and Oldest Buckley used to be the best of friends when they were younger. They ganged up on their father, covered for each other and went down the road of debauchery, until Middle Buckley saw his older brother change more and more, and in the process completely dropped him. Ever since then the two brothers have been in a bitter rivalry about everything they can compete in, but both go about it in their own way. Middle Buckley is everything his brother is not, an actor with suave, a lot of charm, the person with the big social life and a lot of ladies. He has that boyish edge that simply doesn't go away, but in the process also often still behaves as a man child, despite his age.

Gallagher enters the stage. They star in a film together that is directed by the Oldest Buckley, and the chemistry is simply there. Gallagher is everything all the other women are not, a challenge, someone who likes to play his games with him, his female match. And while that doesn't give him much stability, that is also not a thing the Middle Buckley thinks he's looking for.


The cute and adorable face of Baby Buckley has often kept him out of the mayhems he has been in, in the desperate measures he takes in order to be noticed. His brothers are both way older than him, and often too wrapped up in one another and their rivalry to notice him or even remotely spend time with him. Their father doesn't notice him because his brothers are both becoming more and more successful, while Baby Buckley is still struggling with his ambitions to become a screenwriter. He is sick and tired of always standing in his brother's shadows, even if he doesn't have it in him to play dirty, he is certainly considering it in order to get what he wants, however with Baby Buckley, things never really seem to go the way they are planned.

When he first meets Gallagher, Baby Buckley is in awe. She is the most beautiful, talented and sexy woman he has ever met, and while he knows that he hardly stands any competition against his handsome older brothers, he simply can't help himself. He worships the ground she walks on, and his crush on her is as big as the distance to the sun and back. Now if only he could get her to notice him, he might have found his way to finally be one step ahead of his brothers and get the attention he craves so much.


Gallagher here is a girl who is used to getting exactly what she wants whenever she wants it. Due to daddy issues and whatever else a woman can have, she has trouble settling with one man, and is focused on her career and her ambitions to become a hotshot, famous actress. When her eyes are settled on something, she won't rest until she has it, which is one of her best qualities. But she also has no qualms with manipulating and using her sexuality on her way to the to[. She realizes that she still has a long way to go and things aren't going as smooth as she had planned.

With the arrival of the Buckley brothers, Gallagher has finally found herself a chance to get higher up a hell lot quicker than the pace things have been going now. They adore her in every single way and want to make her happy, which is something that Gallagher has always appreciated in men. However, what she hadn't expected was growing quite fond of all three men, because of their differences. So what will Gallagher choose for; money, adventure and instability or the cute little boy who does everything she wants without her even having to ask twice?

Living in the city of the rich and famous definitely does have its perks, especially when you’re living in Manhattan, the social and economic epicenter of New York. So of course you expect to see them out flashing their money and driving fancy cars. But the ones that are always there and you don’t see are people like Mitchell and his crew. The elite of their field at protecting people. The bodyguards. Mitchell and Blake have been friends since they met as soldiers overseas during the war. Upon returning to New York they were hired by the NYPSA (New York Private Security Agency) as personal protectors and not long after they were joined by their youngest recruits Gotti and Astor, all four at the top of their field.
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31 | open | charles m. davis

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30 | reserved | chris pine

first middle

23 | open | grey damon

first middle

25 | open | deborah ann woll


Being the leader of this brat pack, you’d expect Mitchell to be somewhat responsible and mature. But he isn’t. Mitchell has always been the big kid, full of life and laughter, the one who refuses to let the bad times and moods to get the better of him. At the age of eighteen he joined the marines, like most of the men in his family. It was an unspoken rule that you had to follow, join some form of branch of the military after high school. And as the youngest boy of the Mitchell family, the son of a decorated army general he pretty much knew nothing else but being the all American boy he was raised to be. He played sports – mainly football – excelled in school and participated in volunteer work. By the time he was even born in future had been planned out for him and he didn’t have much of a choice to say any different.

After serving four tours he returned home, he’s still on active duty and will come when he’s called but until then he’s been working under NYPSA with his best friend Blake as hired protection. He and Blake have known each other since they met overseas and could be referred to as the big brother of the entire group.


Second in command is held by Blake, the other marine. Unlike Mitchell, Blake didn’t grow up in an organized household. Instead he lived in foster care his entire life, moving from house to house when the couple started to get tired of the boy who barely spoke. Blake has always been the serious one, the guy who takes responsibility and goes above and beyond to make sure things are supposed to be the way they are. He’s quiet and very intelligent, someone who’s highly intimidating all on their own. After he turned eighteen he wasn’t really sure where he was going in life. He’d been a ward of the state ever since he could remember, didn’t have any real family just close friends who he depended on when it was called for. On a whim and a casual suggestion from one of his friends he decided to join up and serve for his country. He met Mitchell when they were deployed overseas and they’ve been the best of friends ever since. Instead of remaining on active duty he was honorably discharged after being wounded in battle.

Blake has his own baggage to deal with now that he’s back in New York, dealing with his memories of war that keep him up at night and his wounds that remind him of it every time he sees them. It only made sense for him to continue to stick around with his best friend in life. Blake is ultimately the one with the brains while Mitchell is all brawn.


Gotti’s story is a lot different than the rest of his teams, unlike them Gotti comes from a family that has been in the news for as long as he can remember. He is indeed one hundred percent Gotti, his grandfather being Richard Gotti. Gotti was sheltered from the life his grandfather’s and uncles lead, his mother didn’t want him ending up in jail or dead like a lot of the kids who wanted to be mobsters at his age. Instead he went to a private school and got his education with the rest of his siblings, only going around his extended family when his mother permitted. As a teenager he started breaking his mother’s rules and went out after curfew, hanging around with his cousins who robbed people and got a kick out of beating up homeless people. It was Mitchell who happened to stumble upon one of Gotti and his cousins late night excursions, the man had been the one to talk some sense into him. While Gotti isn’t really an official employee with the NYPSA he spends a lot of time at Mitchell’s side learning from him and generally being a fun annoyance.

Until his record is cleaned up and hopefully expunged NYPSA continues to deny his application, the twenty three year old has been working on it but it’s easy for him to slip into the mode of being bad than it is being good. That being said he’s the one who’s ruled mostly by his emotions, he doesn’t think things through and takes a lot of things to heart.


Astor is much like a younger version of Blake. She’s the quite snake in the grass, the one who’s always there, always watching and is generally someone who’s great at blending. She’s the girl who gets paired with the harder clients, the ones who have enemies bigger than your average fan or paparazzi. Astor came to America from Samara Russia as a child, she lived in Washington D.C until her parents were killed in a car accident leaving her with no other family. She was then adopted by a couple in New York, and was brought up as the daughter of a kickboxing coach. Astor learned all she could from her adopted father, finding sparring a lot easier than sitting in school for hours trying to learn things her mind found unimportant. She was your normal teenage girl, took gymnastics, was a softball player and when she went to her father’s gym she trained as one of his boxers. It wasn’t until she met Blake did she start taking an interest in what he did. Finding it intriguing that the marine would settle for something like being a body guard – a term that will get you hit by her if you ever say it in her presence.

While Astor loves her current job she’s looking for something more involved in crime fighting, and has been looking to join the police academy for some time now. She knows it’s not her parents idea for her, and that if she does decide to enroll that she’ll have to leave the NYPSA, but it’s not something she has cemented in her plans just yet.

In a city that is filled with the filthy rich and famous, many like to indulge in the sight of beautiful women dancing around in their underwear. The Sinners & Saints Club in Queens is the place to be when it comes to anonymity and high class entertainment. For many young girls it is the perfect way to make money throughout college or for any other reason, but often do not realize they have simply sold their soul. For those accepting of their fate, the Club is like their own new family, often because their real family excommunicated them for such improper behaviour.
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30 | open | cam gigandet

roxanne natasha

27 | taken | amanda seyfried

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21 | open | miranda kerr

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25 | open | candice swanepoel


Salomon here is the person who runs the place. He picks out all the girls and sometimes manipulates them in order to get them to work for him, though the Club is still a very legal place to be, even if Salomon looks away when criminal guests gather there to discuss their business. They pay well, they pay with real money and as long as he doesn't stir any trouble, they stay out of his way. He has been approached for illegal activities before and while the prospect of such amount of cash seems tempting, it is Marlowe who is his conscience and keeps him out of trouble.

Salomon is that person who always gets what he wants, and will not rest until he has it. While Marlowe has been his friend and bed mate for quite some years now, his eye is mainly focused on Alden, who seems dead intent on seducing him and then pushing him away again. And with him being the charming, suave guy that he is, Salomon is not used to people not immediately bowing down at his feet.


Marlowe has been with the Sinners & Saints Club since she was eighteen years old, and had just come to the City to make it as a musician. Life had been tough on Marlowe in the past and she seemed satisfied leaving it all behind. But life without parental support was tough too, and soon she found herself neck-deep in the stripper business and unable to get out. By the time she got her first shot at the music business, she felt too secure in her place at the club to leave it all behind, and now stars every night as the one act that actually has live singing, while enjoying the most of her time behind the bar.

When Salomon took over the Club from his father, Marlowe had been working there for five years already, and she knew all the ins and outs of how to run shit, and soon helped him setting everything up. She is his right hand, helps him recruit girls and provides them the warmth and comfort they need to adjust to their new life. The club is her home, her family, and she is fiercely protective over her girls to keep them from any kind of harassment. These days Marlowe hardly gets up on the stage to actually strip - she mainly performs her music act once a night - but when she does, the crowd still goes wild.


Rooney is the newest girl in the bunch, since she was recruited no less than two months ago. She came from the South to the City for college, but after a fall out with her rich daddy, he cut her off and was in desperate need for money. After meeting with Salomon she hadn't been quite sure whether she wanted to do this, but Marlowe had been the one to comfort her and pull her over the line. Now she's working here, three nights a week as she uses her money to pay her dues and college funds, and somehow oddly enough found a thrill in being worshipped by men like that.

Rooney has not yet completely lost her innocence in the world, and on the stage is known as the Saint, rather than the Sinner. She's cheerful and brings light to the little family they share, even if Rooney made up with her father about a week or two ago, and he gave her back her access to her trust fund. Nevertheless Rooney still can't stop with her profession, and still hasn't found the nerve to tell her family about it.


Alden here has a lot of past issues. Her past is about as dark as the night, and she never seemed to be able to catch a break. She ended up with the Club right before Salomon took over, and was immediately jealous of the safe position Marlowe had within the club. Even though she was welcomed with open arms into the family, Alden had always been guided through life by envy, and seemed to be determined to take the coveted spot that Marlowe possessed through her years of service to the Club.

However being her chance for doing this did not come by until the arrival of Salomon, the new and handsome boss of the club. As the manipulative and cunning girl she is, Alden knows that the only way for her to surpass Marlowe is by sucking up to the boss, and much to her pleasure he seems to have the hots for her unattainable nature. Yet, taking over from Marlowe still seems to be more difficult than she had imagined, and Alden has no clue why. She is better, sexier and more suitable for the spot than Marlowe will ever be. Yet somehow it is her cold nature that keeps her from getting what she wants.

staten island
The city that never sleeps hosts a wide variety of people, the good and the bad, the legal and the not so legal. So when anyone gets in trouble it’s safe to say that Blue & Dalton law firm is the place to go when you need to get out of it. The Law firm itself is shrouded in mystery, some say it’s backed by the mafia and others say it’s just a big wig scam to jip people out of their money. But hell they get their jobs done whether the client is guilty or not.
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33 | open | matt bomer

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32 | open | zoe saldana

first middle

23 | open | zac efron

maliyah renee

23 | taken | kat graham


Bleu is ultimately the leader of this group of “law abiding citizens” the man who runs his own firm with his partner. When he was younger he never really wanted to go in law, he was essentially the curious cat who put its paws in just about everything, able to talk himself in and out of just about anything. It wasn’t long before he was noticed by a local mafia underboss and was taken under his wing. Safe to say now to the debt of a man who was more like a father than his own ever was he uses his connections to get certain people let off free, taking in a bigger deposit than a lawyer really should. Clever and intelligent he’s become one of the best defense lawyers New York has ever seen, holding a record of never losing a case.

Dalton is his right hand man, Dalton in the Bleu and Dalton title. She’s essentially his best friend even though they irritate each other to no end. She’s the brawns where he is the brains, getting things done and making sure no one attempts to step to their firm. He relies on her most though he is seeing potential in her student Mr. Moore. His relationship with Maliyah is rocky in terms because she is the office gossip and the person who really gets on his nerves yet he doesn’t do much to stop her from it.


Coming in at number one for the best female criminal lawyer is Miss Dalton, the other partner at Bleu and Dalton. She and her sister are originally from Chicago, living with their mother, only coming to New York when their father passed away a few years ago. Unlike her partner she’s always wanted to be a lawyer, graduating in the top of her class at Harvard and continuing on to become a criminal law professor here in New York as well as a defense lawyer. Thanks to her, she and Bleu are able to taken in a student every year who comes on to work underneath them. The woman is at the top of her game nowadays, not completely minding that Bleu is working with some influence from the mafia. She’s bossy and never takes no for an answer, not stopping until she gets what she wants and coming out on top, doing whatever she can to keep it that way.

For a while now she’s been mentoring Moore in the in’s and outs of working at a law firm, teaching him to think on his feet and basically be better than just a student. She sees a lot of potential in him and is hell bent on making sure he makes something of himself. She and her younger sister Maliyah also are on rocks when it comes to relationships. While she was making something of herself at college the younger girl was acting up and getting herself in trouble. To make sure she doesn’t get into anymore she’s hired her as her assistant so she can keep an eye on her.


Moore is the new kid, the innocent in all of this. He’s a young man who came to New York all the way from Washington with his family at seventeen, finishing off his schooling in a fancy private all boys school before attending the college where he met Miss Dalton in his criminal law class. For years he’s wanted to do nothing but make the world a better place after watching his father become a police officer and do his duty the right way. He was convinced that people like police officers and fire fighters were the real heroes, the ones who stayed home to fight for what’s right. Moore doesn’t think his professors’ methods are right but little by little he’s converting and becoming more like the people he’s spending time around, taking in more traits like Bleu and Dalton every day.

Blue and Dalton are his mentors and newfound hero’s while Maliyah is a pain in his ass who teases him and gets on his nerves as much as she can because she thinks it’s funny. They’ve steadily become close friends and he’s even being corrupted by her.


Last but not least we have the younger Dalton girl, Maliyah. She was born and raised in Chicago, more impressed with the things that showed power and status than grades and books. Maliyah was head cheerleader and a little bitch to just about everyone who stood below her on the social scale, casting off boys and girls alike without a second glance. A cocky little son of a gun who flaunted her money and power to get what she wanted, and best believe she does. No doubt she was stuck up and evil, and didn’t have any set goals after graduation that involved more than marrying the football star and traveling and being a trophy wife with him. But reality hit and he left her high and dry after he got drafted, her friends were no longer her friends and she was left with her stank attitude and no one else.

After a falling out with her mother she was kicked out and ended up homeless, living on the streets of Chicago, washing up in gas station bathrooms and scrounging for money for food to eat. It wasn’t till her sister picked her up and took her to New York with her that she finally started getting herself together and got back into school NYU for her degree in literature. She’s a snarky mother who hasn’t given up her sharp tongue and bad attitude, spending most of her time gossiping and working for her sister. The girl doesn’t know what she wants to do with her life and is floating currently putting up the façade that she’s a perfect pretty little princess.

Buckley (30) is on reserve for Jemma until 03/12.

I would like to reserve [b]canon last name[/b] for [i]alias[/i] until (five days from now ##/##)
 Posted: May 2 2015, 04:51 PM

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30 years old
© ophelia
Anything you say can and will be held against you So only say my name It will be held against you If heaven's grief brings hell's rain Then I'd trade all my tomorrows for just one yesterday

i would like to reserve king of clubs for ophelia until may 7th

i will survive , at first i was afraid i was petrified
 Posted: May 2 2015, 05:25 PM
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31 years old
© billie
You're the light, you're the night. You're the color of my blood. You're the cure, you're the pain. You're the only thing I wanna touch.

I would like to reserve mitchell for billie until 07/05
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