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 member groups
 Posted: Oct 3 2014, 10:51 AM
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member groups.
playing games in the dark.
here at games in the dark our member groups are based off of the five boroughs of new york city, these will be one of the five in which your character will live. below we have compiled some information about each place regarding these places. please keep in mind to choose the borough that is closest to your characters canon as possible, it's highly unlikely that somebody working at a coffee shop will be living in a penthouse in manhattan. just take all of this into consideration and keep the groups at an even number, not everyone will be rich folk living in million dollar mansions, or bumming it on the streets of brooklyn. if you happen to need anymore information on the boroughs to help out with choosing your member group you can find it here.
hex color: #FEA2A2
manhattan has one of the highest populations of the five b's despite it being the smallest area. it's very popular amongst new yorkers and is known for being the economic epicenter of new york. it boasts some of the most influential people in money, actors, musicians, athletes and businessmen. sometimes the people here aren't even famous and just come from long lines of old or new money. housing ranges into the millions with penthouses, mansions and what not. those who aren't financially set wont do very well in this part of town. most people from manhattan come from different backgrounds which gives off a wide range of personalities from silver spooners to people who've worked their way up, they're all different.
the bronx
hex color: #ECA77E
the bronx is the fourth largest, and is right in the middle when it comes to all walks of economic means, blue collar-white collar workers and maybe some of the wealthy who don't want to slum it in manhattan. along the east coast is a line of private beach homes acquired by the wealthy so you'll be able to spot them there. the bronx is a very historical place, known for popular hollywood movies, and television that have been filmed within it's it limits. its the cornerstone of new yorks film and media industry. this is where the low budget film makers and some of the artists live, trying to make their way up to the top. plus you've got yankee stadium and the bronx zoo which is the largest zoo in the city and among some of the largest in the country. the city has some hidden gems when it comes to artists with the bronx being so culturally diverse. housing isn't expensive at all though most people are looking to get out instead of coming in.
hex color: #B3BC50
full of obscure writers and brokenhearted painters, brooklyn is a mere bridge walk away. this is a place where the soul is the entire community, it may be urban and a little run down but people here are proud of where they come from. it's the largest when it comes to being heavily populated, and holds most of the urban neighborhoods. brooklyn is home to coney island and the botanical gardens, bringing some light in a place that looks a bit dark from the outside. besides with the barclays center you have a lot of athletes so borough pride is a big thing here.
hex color: #BFB8BE
holding residents that are both from the u.s and immigrants queens is the second largest in population. it's filled to the brim with different ethnicities and is well known for its diversity. the subway system here is pretty horrible and driving a car around isn't the bright of ideas but with it's cheap rent and high crime rate you do find a sort of charm here...yeah. it's safe to say your local grocery store is a cover operation for the mafia or gangs hanging around but so is every other place in new york. organized crime is everywhere.
staten island
hex color: #ADD0DC
staten island is a place cut off from the rest of the city, a dreamy little community that's only a ferry ride away. the housing here is very affordable and has projects here and there considering that most people here are white collar workers or a part of the lower middle class. you get house parties from the local teenagers and organized community events though it's pretty much a thing that you go back into the other boroughs for a real party. staten is the most suburban area with picket fences and nice yards, it's a nice little place that's boasts a light house and is a good place to go touring for it's sights.
hex color: #DCADAD
the undefined are a group that do not fit with any particular borough. they could be tourists only visiting for a short while without the intention of staying and move from borough to borough. this group also exists of those who simply refuse to be put into a specific box and do not enjoy being part of a particular borough, even though they live and commute through them. however another part of the undefined are made up of the poor, the street rats who do not have a fixed home and roam through the streets for a little to eat, who belong nowhere in particular.
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