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as such: FIRST M. LAST

Our avatar is 250x400 in size. Smaller avatars will be removed by a member of the site staff. Please remember to fill out the entire mini profile code, and check the claims before creating a character so no names will be copied.

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 the rules
 Posted: Sep 29 2014, 04:27 PM
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the rules.
playing games in the dark.

Now this is that one important part that should be obvious to most, but are sometimes still necessary to point out; the rules! Under any circumstance these should be followed (after all, that's why they're there, right?) and if you have any questions, feel free to contact a staff member. Please make sure you read this since we don't want to put one of those nifty passwords in here to make sure everybody does.


One. Please register your character with their full name as FIRST M. LAST, all in capital letters. If you want to change your character's name after making the account, please PM an admin and we'll be happy to change it (just please, do not ask us to do it twenty gazilleon times, think about it thoroughly beforehand). Keep in mind though; after your application is accepted the name is fixed, unless in cases of marriage or adoption (though the latter seems unlikely). Also, keep in mind that we only accept one character with a name, so no repeating.

Two. When posting your application, make sure that the thread title LAST, first middle and make sure that the subtitle states your new character's age, occupation and playby. Dino's OCD likes that very much it keeps things nice and organized.

Three. Speaking of face claims, we do not allow repeat faces for different characters. That would be pretty weird, if everybody ran around with the same face! You have three days after your app is accepted to do the face claim, otherwise your face is up for grabs again and if in that time someone else makes a char with the face you use, the face is theirs if they claim it first. Other mandatory claims are the member directory and member group claim. Just to keep tabs on things.

Four. Now we don't think we have to elaborate on this, but please, no God-modding or Mary Sue/Gary Stu's. Realistic chars are often the most interesting and useful to play with, and let's face it, perfection is the most boring thing ever. As for the god-modding, don't you hate it when people assume what your char will do? Isn't the fun in roleplaying that you write with an uncertain factor in the mix; namely the other person? Do not do anything with another player's character without their permission, or the dinosaurs will eat you.

Five. We all know that real life can be a hassle sometimes, and that in busy or turbulent times it is hard to post, but activity is what makes a board thrive, and so we do ask for at least one active thread per character. You can decide your limit when it comes to amount of characters better than we can, but if the staff feels like you have not been active enough for another character, we have the right to deny your application until your activity improves. participation in the in character cbox does not count as character activity. The first two characters are for free, the rest needs at least one active thread per character. There must be a time span of at least one week between the creation of characters.


Six. This rule is probably the most important of all; play nice to other members. We do not condone any disrespectful or rude behaviour towards another member or ooc drama. We can't all get along, but we can at least act civil towards each other. If you have an issue with another member, take it to PMs and settle your differences together, and if you can't figure it out, you can always take it up to a staff member and we will see if we can fix the problem.

Seven. Participate! With this we mean the cbox and in character cbox. This may sound like a silly "rule", but it is important to stay in contact with those in your community. A lot tends to happen in the chat box and if people aren't there, they can feel a little left out and that is the last thing we want. GITD strives for an open and welcoming atmosphere to all members, but that is something we have to do with each other. Besides, the cboxes can be a lot of fun!

Eight. GITD currently has a minimum wordcount of 300 words, because we feel like it isn't that much and we like for our threads to have a little substance, however please try to be considerate of what the person you roleplay with gives you. No one likes to put effort in a 1000 words post when they get a reply of 300, right? We hope to encourage our members and in the end make sure we all become better writers.

Nine Due to the Jcink rules we are allowed to have mature content in threads on our board, and also allow such for those interested in it. However make sure to mark the topic with an [M] so that people know and can avoid it if they want to, because it is not for everyone and that way they can know which threads to avoid.

Ten. And most important of all, have fun! We all love roleplaying and hope to give every member a pleasant experience here at GITD, and these rules help with such, so if you have any questions, don't be afraid to contact a staff member or post in the questions and suggestions board, because we are always open for suggestions!

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